Finding sanity in insane data
We use methods from algebraic topology and data science to analyze data through visualization that help you clearly to see the underlying structural relationships in your data
Finding sanity in insane data
We use solid consulting framework combined with the best data science techniques to help you make the best decisions based on data not on gut
Finding sanity in insane data
With topological data analysis you can not only extract insights using most classical data science techniques, but you can actually see your data from multiple points of view


Using your data, we will generate models to help you optimize your performance through the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Cycle, as well as prevent fraud.


Attract : we help you to optimize your digital strategy (seo, sem & smo), using data.

Acquire: we help you create acquisition models.

Establish & Develop: we help you create fantastic cross-up-deep selling models.

Retain: we will help you lower attrition rate (churn)


We help you lower the fraud transaction rates in your e-business

Financial Services

Our TDA models are an ideal tool to improve your scoring methodologies, strengthen your CRM, as well as lower fraud and misconduct in your company.


we will improve your scoring models not only by improving the indexes of your models but providing new and more accurate decision parameters.


we help you improving your KPIs through the CRM cycle.


we will generate stunning visualizations of your customer behaviour so you can quickly identify fraud and update your rules


By using our predictive and prescriptive techniques academic institutions can improve their student retention and performance as well as the institutional financial performance.


By studying student data we will help you identify high risk segments in the student population and we will help you create strategies to improve their retention and performance.


By studying the behaviour of your different segments and your main cost drivers from a hollistic prespective, we will help you identify ways of improving your financial KPIs.